Welcome to my studio.

Flowinkstudio was created by Lainey Bee in 2014 in the Nijmegen center, the Netherlands. What started as a small private studio has grown into a beautiful 2000 square feet(200m2) with 4 large private studios and tattoo artists from all over the world! A studio who stands for personal guidance, a professional approach and artists who design unique and personal tattoos.   

Flowinkstudio turned into a Tattoo Collective; Custom Cult

In 2020 we all got hit by the corona virus. We couldn't tattoo for 2,5 months and the whole world was on lockdown. It gave time to think and plan the next move! Since Lainey's international career was buzzing and she was gone for half of the year she came up with a new exciting path to take! She build this studio to work with people who she loves and admires, to grow by sharing knowledge. For this reason she approached an other studio and asked them to join forces!

The other studio is Dutch Harbour. A local studio filled with 7 amazing artists! And the reaction she got was overwhelming! A positive boost we all needed to come out of this crisis even stronger! We openend up in may of 2020. Since she didn't want people to think she had taken over their studio/artists she proposed to create a new name for this collective! Custom Cult (tattoo collective) was born!

A quick paintjob, new logo and splitting up the tattoorooms did the trick! A great place to call home! 

If you want to learn more about my studio please visit the website. Click here.

The studio's

The studio is open, transparent and provides privacy. When you walk into the studio you will be welcomed with a professional and open attitude. Feel free to ask any questions. We are more than willing to assist you in any way we can.

When you enter you immediately see the first 2 studios separated by a glass wall. Downstairs are 2 more studios. Every space is decorated the same. 

Luxurious comfortable tattoo chairs, lots of light, open space and lots of plants. ( You almost imagine yourself in a tropical jungle ?).

Every studio is a private room meaning that there is only one or two artist per studio. If you like total privacy we can close the curtains of the glass walls. If you like to watch what happens in the rest of the studio, they will remain open. It's possible to book an private session, just you and me. If you want to do so, please let me know when booking your sessions. 

All these points ensure a good 'vibe' within our studio. After all, it is all about the 'flow'. The mental state in which a person fully engages in his/her activities; the optimal state of experience. We work creatively, positively and thoughtfully. The experience of the customer (and the artist) is an important part of a beautiful tattoo!

For more information go to www.custom-cult.com