Lainey Bee's work method 

Everything you need to know on how to prepare for your tattoo by Lainey Bee. And the way she works.

Tattoo design

Knowing what you want for your tattoo is very important. Placement, color, what’s the story behind the idea, which items would you like to have in it or is it a free reign piece for Lainey Bee? Please don’t forget that she does not possess magical powers. She can’t read your mind. You have to trust Lainey Bee to do her best to realize your ideas from your story and that there will always be her own influence in the tattoo design. But that's also the reason why you want a tattoo by Lainey Bee. 

If you provide Lainey Bee with your ideas she will create a design fitting to your story, personality and body. Skin type, skin color, details, body shape, contrast, shadow and composition are things she is going to occupy herself with. This is something you don't have to worry about. 

Have some faith. You have chosen Lainey Bee as your artist (for which we are super grateful!!!). It is best to not try to determine every aspect of the tattoo. Leave the designing and tattooing up to Lainey Bee. She will make sure that you get a beautiful tattoo for the rest of your life and that the process will be a pleasant and positive experience! 

How does this work?

It's easy! First you have to fill out a form.  You can easly do this on this website. After that Lainey Bee's managers will contact you if they need additional information. After this Lainey Bee will contact by email to schedule you in for a videocall. Make sure you check your inbox and spambox to see if she contacted you. During your first contact with Lainey, otherwise called an "intake  or consultation" she will ask you about your ideas. The videocall is through whatsapp. All other contact will be through email. 

Things to consider: Do you know what you want? Where do you want the tattoo, how big, etc. Please send a brief explination and reference materials (picture/drawing/story) of the idea you have in mind. And please, if you have any health issues or use medication please let Lainey know during the videocall. After talking about it Lainey Bee will advise you from her artistic point of view. During this intake you will get an estimate of the costs, we will book an appointment and ask you to make a deposit.

Prices are not discussed online!

Keep in mind; good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good!  

When Lainey has finished your tattoo design she will notify you. Depending on location the viewing of your design may vary. We will let you know about the design viewing. No designs are sent by email or app. To protect the design, taking pictures of the design is not allowed. The design will remain proporty of Lainey Bee. When viewing the design; If you want to make some minor adjustments there is no problem. If you want a completely different design then the process starts over and you will have to pay  another deposit.  If this is the case, you will be notified by Lainey Bee or her managers. 

Down payment

When booking an appointment you will be asked to make a down payment, that is determined by the size of the tattoo and the day(s) that are required to tattoo you. The down payment is at least 30% of the total amount. A deposit is requested because Lainey will invest time in your tattoo design and as a guarantee for the booked appointment. The deposit is non-refundable. Note: there is no ATM in the studio. 

When the tattoo is completed the deposit will be deducted from the final price. With multiple tattoo days the deposit is settled on the last day. Appointments can be rescheduled free of charge 60 days before the start. Cancellation at any time or rescheduling any later than 60 days you will lose your deposit. A new deposit will be charged when making a new appointment. 

Day of tattoo

Here is a brief explanation of what you can expect on the first day of your tattoo. 

Please be on time, the clock starts ticking at the set time of your appointment. Lainey will be waiting on you with a basic set up ready to tattoo. The size of the design will need to be adjusted and it still needs to be stenciled. She will stencil the design on your skin. If it is not right, she will do it again. If you are satisfied, we let it dry. You will get a permission form (from the GGD/health department) to sign and when agreed the payment is arranged in advance. We will finalize the setup of the station with ink and start tattooing. 

After completing the tattoo, we will take photos of the tattoo for the portfolio of Lainey Bee and promotion. She will wrap the tattoo in saran wrap(plastic foil) and you will receive the aftercare instructions. 

Tattoo price

Every customer, skin type and design is different. You will get an estimate of the price during the consultation and again when you come to view the design(this because we might have to change size and she will need to have more or less time to tattoo you). Lainey works on an hourly rate* and sometimes a set price when she is touring. For larger tattoos that last several days, she will book you in for a minimum of 6 hours a day*. We can only give you an estimate of the costs since the time needed is always different. It depends not only on the design but also on our awesome customers; how long do we need for the correct placement of the stencil, how well can you sit still, how many breaks do you need and the condition of your skin. All these aspects ensure that it remains an estimate! 

* the time that your appointment starts until you leave the studio. It is your responsibility not to be late. 

Preparing for your tattoo

Eat well, rest well and relax. Does tattooing hurt? That is different for everyone, but the more energy you have, the better your body can handle it. If you want to take a break in between, just ask for it. Bring some food so you can eat during the breaks. During the tattoo sessions you are not allowed to eat. Furthermore, we ask you to sit as still as possible so that Lainey Bee can do her work as well as possible. The more you move, the longer it will take. If you want to bring someone, make sure to ask her first*. Lainey Bee prefers to tattoo you without friends and family around. Also children (and animals) are not allowed in the studio. 

* Because of covid-19 you are not allowed to bring anyone with you to your appointments. We ask you to desinfect your hands when you enter the studio. Masks are not required but if you want to wear them you are allowed to do so.


If you really want to be prepared! Check out the aftercare instructions.   


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Health and Hygiëne  Guidelines:

We work strictly in accordance with the hygiene guidelines drawn up by the National Center for Hygiene and Safety. Flowinkstudio has a health license (GGD) on the basis of article 3 of the Commodities act of tattooing and piercing. You can find us at 


◊ You must be 16 years or older at the time of your appointment.

◊ Everyone regardless of age must sign a consent form before getting tattooed.

◊ Children up to 12 years and animals are not allowed in the studio.

◊ If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol we cannot proceed with your tattoo and you will lose your deposit. 

◊ Smoking or eating in the studio during tattooing is not allowed. 

◊ Make sure you are clean and fresh. 

◊ We reserve the right to refuse anyone or to remove someone from the studio at all times.

◊ All materials are sterile. They come from sterile packages and are only used once.

◊ A non-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment.

◊ You can reschedule your appointment 60 days in advance without cost. After that you lost your deposit.

◊ Taking care of your tattoo is your own responsibility. You will receive aftercare instructions from us.

◊ No tattoos are placed on genitals, birthmarks or port-wine stains (nevusflammeusor sometimes called a firework). 

◊ We do not tattoo discriminating or racist slogans or symbols.

◊ The tattooed area is covered with a saranwrap / transparent foil that does not adhere to the wound.

◊ Between 5 and 8 weeks of weeks after tattooing you can contact us to retouch your tattoo for free if necessary. If you damaged the tattoo by not following the after instructions we gave to you, you will have to pay for the touch up. 

◊ Cancelling or rescheduling the touch-up appointment results in the expiration of the warranty.

◊ If you want to have the tattoo retouched after the warranty time then the hourly rate applies.

◊ Tattoos on hands, wrists, feet, ankle, knee and elbow are not covered by the warranty.

◊ We do not tattoo if you have hepatitis or HIV.

◊ We do not tattoo when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

◊ Photos and film material are used for promotional purposes.


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