A wannado design by Lainey Bee is a tattoo design she made and would love to tattoo! Lainey Bee specializes in realistic color tattoos and shows off her skills and vision in these designs. Composition, color and theme are coordinated in order to achieve the best result.

Wannado designs tattooed by Lainey Bee

The following tattoos are shown with their wannado design.

If you are interested in getting a wannado design by Lainey please check out her new wannado’s here and contact her by filling out the form.

The mermaid design

The mermaid side piece tattoo design is part of a themed collection I made this based on the elements. This Tattoo design represents water. Curious about the other designs click here!

Face between the flowers

Galaxy Rose

Mischievous Bengal cat

Forest Squirrel

The Fox

Sea Turtle