Tour dates

Lainey Bee is a busy bee! She travels the world to be able to accommodate her international clients. There are a couple of regular spots you can find her but every year she tries to attend new tattoo conventions and guestpots in different places.

She is the owner of Flowinkstudio and Custom Cult tattoo collective which are based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. When she isn’t traveling you can find her here. Want to find out more about her studio? Click here

She tries to travel at least once a year to 2 locations in the states. One of her regular spots is with her friends of Black Cat tattoo Honolulu in Hawaii. And the other she tries to change every year. Also Canada is on her list once a year in a different location. She attends different conventions in Europe a couple times every year. (Brussels tattoo convention and Milano tattoo convention are on there every year).

If you have a place in mind you want Lainey Bee to visit please let her know so by filling out the form ‘book now’. And she will get back to you with more info.

She will update these tour dates as soon as the spots are confirmed. Want to be up to date? Follow her on Instagram.

Because of covid all 2020 travels are postponed :( 
The next convention that are scheduled for 2021 are; 
February 2021 Milano convention Italy
March 2021 Maastricht convention NL
April 2021 Frankfurt convention Germany
August 2021 Hawaii convention USA
October 2021 Venezia convention Italy
November 2021 Brussels convention Belgium 


2020 started of GOOD! Lainey won one of the biggest prices there is at the Zwickau Tattoo Convention. This convention is organized by the one and only Randy Engelhard and is the top convention when it comes to realism artists. Lainey Bee won Best of Sunday and second Best of Show with this amazing elephant piece!!! 

And just before the year got canceled by Covid-19 Lainey took an other big price home at the Rotterdam convention; Hollands Best Tattoo Artist 2020!
Look at this smooth action picture! LOL

2020 tour

As you all know the Covid-19 lockdown has canceled the most of the year. Lainey is hoping to be able to travel at the end of 2020. For now the next spots are still scheduled; 

  • Canada Calgary convention 16-18 oct.
  • Canada Vancouver guestspot at Grapevine studio 22-25 oct. 
  • Hawaii USA guestspot at Black Cat Tattoo Honolulu 2-28 nov. 
  • Phoenix AZ USA guestspot with Josh Duffy at Black Castle Art Co. 3-18 dec.

If you want to book in with her please read her work method and fill out the form :)

2019 was a busy year for our bee!