Welcome to my studio.

Flowinkstudio is a place for custom tattoo designs. At the studio, we offer personal guidance, individual sessions and a professional approach to design your unique and personal tattoo.


Flowinkstudio was created by Lainey Bee in 2014 in Nijmegen center, the Netherlands. What started as a small private studio has grown into a place about 2,000 square feet with 4 large private studios and tattoo artists from all over the world.

If you want to learn more about my studio please visit the website. Click here.

The studio's

The studio is open, transparent and provides privacy. When you walk into the studio you will be welcomed with a professional and open attitude. Feel free to ask any questions. We are more than willing to assist you in any way we can.

When you enter you immediately see the first 2 studios separated by a glass wall. Downstairs are 2 more studios. Every space is decorated the same. 

Luxurious comfortable tattoo chairs, lots of light, open space and lots of plants. ( You almost imagine yourself in a tropical jungle 😉).

Every studio is a private room meaning that there is only one artist per studio. If you like total privacy we can close the curtains of the glass walls. If you like to watch what happens in the rest of the studio, they will remain open.

Doors and glass walls are always closed during the sessions so that everything you discuss and the session remains private. The tattoo session is an intimate experience just for you without any distractions.

All these points ensure a good 'vibe' within our studio. After all, it is all about the 'flow'. The mental state in which a person fully engages in his/her activities; the optimal state of experience. We work creatively, positively and thoughtfully. The experience of the customer (and the artist) is an important part of a beautiful tattoo!

For more information go to www.flowinkstudio.com.