about Lainey Bee

I am a busy bee with 101 ideas that are quickly transformed into activities. I am an entrepreneur and an artist full of passion. I specialize in 'realistic color tattoos based on nature' and adjust the contents of the tattoo to the personality and story of my client

The Story of Lainey Bee


Flow; the optimal state of experience. This applies to both myself and the customer.

The world comes to a stop while I am tattooing. There is no limit to my development. I make art that I stand behind, convert my love for detail and nature into tattoos and working in a good vibe is important to me. I embellish the customer with an experience that suits their body and personality. We capture part of their lives in symbolism.

Flowinkstudio represents who I am and what I want to convey. It is a studio that delivers quality and has a positive organic flow in its appearance and works ethics.

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As a little girl painting, crafting and drawing were my passion. I loved to lose myself in it for hours. I come from an artistic creative family so it came naturally to me. My mother is natural in carpentry, garden design and working with plants and flowers.  My father paints and draws beautiful realistic landscapes and my brother is a landscape contractor and designer with his own business who designs and installs the most beautiful gardens.

Actually, I never thought I had one specific passion, although school was only fun for me if I could go to drawing lessons or crafts. The other lessons didn’t really make sense. But yeah you will have to earn your money somehow and arts wasn’t a possibility .  I soon became interested in psychology and physiology which resulted in the study of Naturopathy and Child Psychology. After working with children for several years (project management for the new arts in Arnhem, guidance in boarding schools and juvenile prison) I got ill. I couldn’t work for a number of years, which was horrible! Doing nothing is clearly not my thing! Luckily it also taught me about being patient and working with passion and discipline.

Slowly I started working with my parents at their beekeeping farm where they worked with autistic children as part of their schooling program for the Department of Daytime Activities.  but it did not give me enough energy. I was missing something. I did not know what that was but what I felt is that I had to go in a different direction. I decided to stop and before I knew it another door opened up for me as a shop manager and piercer in a tattoo shop. Between my tasks, I filled the time by drawing again and then the passion came back to me. Something that I had not done in a few years gave me energy again. I got motivated to tattoo.

Practice makes perfect, so I threw myself completely into tattooing. I knew I wanted to create a place for art. No flash tattoos but custom tattoos. No busy walk-in tattoo shop but a tattoo studio. A place where I can work for the love of the tattoos and that of art. A place where I have the time for personal contact with my customers and can really design something suitable for them. Also, a place where I can be in balance with myself. I am busy with 101 ideas that are quickly converted into actions. I dare to take risks and fight for what I want and for the people around me. I specialized in black and gray realistic tattoos until I discovered the power of color tattoos. My style now describes itself best as 'realistic color tattoos based on nature'. I adjust the contents of the tattoo mainly to the character and story of my client.

I established Flowinkstudio - Flow; the optimal state of experience on October 13, 2014. This applies to both me and the customer. The world is standing still for a moment when I'm tattooing. I therefore only work in a good vibe.

There is no limit to my development. I tattoo art which I stand behind, with love for detail and I turn nature into images. I embellish the customer's body with an experience that suits their body and personality. I offer one on one sessions. A moment for the customer, without other distractions. We capture a part of their life in symbolism. I want to continue my love for the profession and my awesome customers in a larger line; involve more artists in the Flowinkstudio process, creating love for art and reaching international customers. Flowinkstudio represents who I am and what I want to convey. It is a studio that delivers quality and has a positive organic flow in its appearance and working method.

3 years later, and after 3 months of blood, sweat, and tears I moved Flowinkstudio on October 1, 2017, to a larger building to make all my dreams come true. From a small private studio to a building with about 2,000 square feet! An old, neglected building became a beautiful serene transparent studio which I am very proud of. The team grew bigger! Robert joined the team as a studio manager on 1 October Samantha as a Marketing and Web-designer and second studio manager as of July 2018. A strong team with a good relationship can move mountains and you can see that! My own international career is gaining momentum and Flowinkstudio is well filled with great (guest) artists!

I work very hard to make my studio the best it can be. That is why I wear my name 'Lainey Bee' with pride. Raised, surrounded by hardworking bees, by a loving family leaves me positive in life. I work full of love as a tattoo artist and hope to make many people happy with beautiful work on their skin. I love the profession, the art form, the custom work and everything that comes with it.

Thanks to everyone around me!